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With a FREE call, I will help you discover your best path forward when you are struggling with the pain of being single, choosing partners that work for you, hands on dating assistance, and how to make a relationship last long term. New couples can also keep love alive with assistance in dealing with conflict, infidelity, communication skills, bonding through gender differences and others.

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How It Works

Welcome! The Academy at Renew The Love will support your relationship needs as you progress through the loneliness of being single, pursuing positive dating strategies, and keep your connection alive through the toughest problems. The academy is a handcrafted program designed by Shawn Davis, your Gen X licensed social worker, introvert, and friend. The is right for you if you are single, struggling with dating around, figuring out how to bond with a partner you want to be with, or already dealing with some relationship struggles in a committed partnership. 


Singles who are not dating or struggling with getting started will get access to coaching videos, webinars, live events that will focus on your struggles, and access to qualified coaching through the program. Single will benefit from help with self esteem, break up recovery, marketing yourself online, and building resiliency against loneliness.


Dating around members who have not chosen a specific partner will get access to coaching videos, webinars, and live events that focus on dating strategies even if you are introverted, dealing with online criticism, exploring body and sex positivity, and other problems. 


Dating members who have chosen a partner will gain access to coaching videos, webinars, and live events that focus on bonding with others, deepening connection with dates, and even tutorials for asking important questions to help you trust more.


Committed partners will are struggling with the beginning phase of love and romance will get help with coaching videos, webinars, and live events, that help you protect your relationship from the cycle of infidelity, dealing with in-laws and outside influences, how to cope with differences in a way that helps you grow together instead of apart.


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What your coach, Shawn Davis Says about the single life, dating, and relationships:

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