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How to recover

from a Break-up

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Join the Community of Singles Learning How to Love Smart after a break-up or ghosting experience. Learn ways to mend your broken heart so that when you date again, you will renew your desire for love.

Here's how to get started:

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Get instant access to the guide by joining the mailing list or get it in our group on Facebook. I made the guide free so that as many singles can start to heal from break-up and ghosting loss.

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Learn from your singles coach along with other singles experienced in dating after heartbreak, so that you are never alone. 

An interactive self-help program

The starter guide and group will work together to help you build skills. The biggest complaint most singles struggle with is loneliness after a break-up. Let us help you through the pain.

Testing your compatibility:

Once you get your guide and work the program, you will find yourself ready to date again. Once you find a new partner, sign up for compatibility testing and coaching to stay out of the danger zone.

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Stay up to date with the latest tips & tools for pro daters who want to take control of dating loss. When I lost a relationship suddenly it tore my heart to pieces. After being trained in what makes love last, I knew I had to teach my community how to love wise so that my friends can avoid the trauma of losing a romantic bond.

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About Me.

I'm happily married in Tampa, Florida where my husband and I raise our son. I've been in the helping field since 2000 and now I want to bring my professional experience to help you love smart through all phases of love. Plus, I'm not afraid to be real and drop an occasional f-bomb when appropriate.  😲🤷🏽‍♀️