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Readiness to Date Checklist:

NEW! Learn the top reasons you may not be ready to move on again...YET. Notice the signs of grief and repair your heart so that your next love connection is worthy of your time and energy spent.

Using your emotions as a guide to know when it's time to try again

Self esteem signs you can look for to know you won't repeat mistakes

Other factors that cause dating to fail, even if you try hard

Shawn Davis Readiness to date occurs once you have healed your heart of damage from the past and feel energized for love. I help singles ready their heart by working through deep self healing.

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How to Love Smart after a break-up or ghosting experience. Join our community or go solo in a healing experience to renew your desire for love.

Begin Mending your broken heart

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Single And Healing Facebook Group

Our supportive online community is the best place to connect with others just like you who are healing from break-up, mending themselves, and learning to love with a full heart again.


Phase 1 - UnAnchoring From The Past

When you start working with me, you will likely start here. This is where you work towards healing from your lost dreams and hopes. The aim in Phase 1 of the program will be to work  towards a deeper self healing so that you can unglue yourself from the pain of heartbreak.  


Step 2 - Mend Self Esteem 

Once the healing from the grief starts to take shape, we start to integrate more self esteem work that helps you make the transition from pain into hope and dreams for future you want to be a part of and thrive in. 


Step 3 - Readiness To Date 

The final phase of moving on after heartbreak is to work on preparedness for the dating experience, navigating away from scams and clever actors in dating environments, and not making dating your entire life when you feel so alone. 

About Me.

I'm happily married in Tampa, Florida where my husband and I raise our son. I've been in the helping field since 2000 and now I want to bring my professional experience to help you love smart through all phases of love. Plus, I'm not afraid to be real and drop an occasional f-bomb when appropriate.  😲🤷🏽‍♀️

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