Avoid Becoming a Catfish

Protecting your Dream of a Rockin’ Romance

bumble cancels catfish accounts

Bumble lets you verify your matches

Catfish– lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.

When you date online, you will come across profiles that will look too good to be true. In the end, it just might be that. Catfishing is a term that was popularized by the MTV show Catfish.  I dearly love this show since it helps illustrate how online dating has some major weaknesses. It’s very easy to hide your true identity and this is even more troubling when you look at human nature.

It is natural for a human being to become lured by false information. The brain tends to fill in the blanks when information is missing. So when you talk to someone online, the brain may be prone to seeing things in an online dater that fulfills your fantasy…but may not be this way in actuality. It’s crucial that you look critically at your online daters so that you do not become lured into your own fantasies and allow predators to latch onto your vulnerabilities. That’s right, some online daters may say all the things you want to hear and then attempt to ask for money in some form. Others may lure you into their own fantasy of themselves, they hide their true nature out of a desire to hide their insecurities.

A few tips when you date on social media:

First, make sure that your online daters have many pictures that seems to represent a full life. When someone only sends a few pictures, you might be dealing with a catfish. Secondly, ensure that you are speaking to a real person by video messaging.  A person who hides themselves may be hiding their true voice or appearance. Thirdly, check for friends who are tagged in pictures. Do they seem to have friends who are tagged or does it seem to be an empty slate? A real person will be connected to other people. Finally, look at the amount of friends a person has.

A final hints to look for if you suspect a catfish: Reverse image search on google to see if your date has pictures that are attached to other social media names. 

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