Dating Profile Help: Enrolling Now

Dating Profile Help: Enrolling Now

You might have noticed some recent trends in online dating. More people than ever are boosting dating profiles to get more attention. Also, there is more confusing profiles that make it hard to decide who is a good match. And there seems to be a new “fad of the month” that is popping up that everybody is jumping on and considering the Holy Grail of dating apps. What should you do? The best thing is to avoid the “herd” and just don’t do what everyone else does.

The second thing is to go back to the fundamentals that have worked for the last 150 years...not just the last 15 days. For example, when a single is dating online, it's likely they will miss super easy cues to a fraud scenario. Couples also experience this blind spot to the basics...they don't actually resolve conflict. They just remove the tension until it builds again and BAM...another fight. Regardless, learning how to move through time in a real authentic connection is what makes love last.

So if you get real good at JUST THAT, then you have a skill that will be valuable to you the rest of your life.

It’s more important than ever to m​aster the basics​​​​​ so that your skills have a long shelf life. And learning how to pick a good partner is one of those basics everyone should master.

That’s why I think it’s important you take a look at this. My first course is for singles to learn how to make authentic connections:

Singles: Get Started Dating Smart

What's Next?

My next guide that you can expect to see from me will focus on couples. I just posted to my social media today a poll to get your feedback. My heart is set on helping couples and singles prevent problems. So I'd like to focus on a premarital/newlywed preparedness for marriage. Here are my concept so far for new couples:

  • Newlywed Bootcamp: This will cover many areas of marriage readiness including understanding your backgrounds and triggers for emotional needs, how to manage money and differences with spending, what to do when sex is a problem, how to get through a fight and feel closer than ever, and so much more
  • Conflict Roadmap: This course concepts will cover a deep dive into ways we can manage conflict with a walk-through on how to do this.  

Which guide would you give to a friend as a newlywed gift?

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