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The Best part of the challenge...

Join me for a group based challenge that will help you structure your dating life so that you feel much less frustrated and overwhelmed with getting to a deeper level of intimacy. When your dating life is dependent on Match or Tinder to show you the best results, you will quickly find that the apps work against your dreams. They want to keep you on the app, so your options are not compatible much of the time. 

Shawn Davis  //  Licensed Clinical Social Work

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The big secret to DATING well...

The big secret to dating well in a large dating app market is to be seen. I know, sounds good until you try to break through the scroll effect. It's hard. That's why I am opening up my private coaching techniques to you in a group setting so that you can meet singles you might not have considered or learn an idea to help you shine. Once we complete the challenge, I'll have even more help for you on the other side

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