How to date online

How to date online

Online Dating Just Got Better

Dating is hard, but it totally sucks when you feel like you are doing it wrong. When I interview singles, I here a variety of stories that all seem to relate to one another. Some of these struggles are shared by many:

  • Why is dating online so hard?
  • What’s wrong with me…is it my profile picture?
  • Why does everyone say they want love but just  seem to want a hook up?
  • How can I meet someone when I don’t have time to sort through all these profiles?

When you date online, you will be matched based on what similarities you have and what you say you want. Not everyone knows themselves well enough to answer these questions honestly.  And others may have no clue as to what they need from a partner. Self awareness is a key to dating online. My online dating course will walk you through which sites are best for your age group and dating needs as well as learning how to know your positive traits.



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