November 10, 2020

When you start to recover from a broken heart, you may feel a flood of different emotions at any given time. The experience of a feeling (sadness) or lack of feeling (numbness) is not what determines if you need healing. That's the hard part of breaking up, you might feel a sense of relief AND require some healing steps. 

It's also helpful to remember that grief takes place over a lifetime in some cases, in fact some people never forget about their ex-partners and always will wonder how they are fairing on their own. It's okay to remember that past as long as you are not anchored there with actions that keep you stuck.

So if your sad feelings and remembering your partner aren't the real problem with moving on...what is?

Signs you might need heal before you start dating other people:

  • Comparing your ex to potential dates or thinking about how they will feel seeing you with a new person
  • Repeating mistakes with dates, like being attracted to the same types
  • You set up dates and cancel them suddenly
  • You focus on list of traits or features to be acceptable
  • You think you will never love again
  • You still cry sometimes, even if only in private
  • You look for a soulmate, "the one", or other larger than life analogy rather than experiencing what is in front of you

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About the Author Shawn Davis

I'm Shawn 🙋‍♀️, the leader and founder of Renew The Love. I'm on a mission to use my 20 years of relationship experience to create a community just for mending your broken heart and getting energized to date in a way that makes your next love last. I have a Social Work degree and have been licensed to practice therapy in Florida since 2003 where I have helped hundreds of people build healthier connections and lives. Let's see what we can accomplish together.

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