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Warning: This course contains my potty mouth from time-to-time...user discretion warranted. 

The course will use a combination of visual illustrations, text, and video to help you transform your dating life. All PDF documents contain online fillable forms so you don't have to waste your time printing. I will show you my process I've used with private clients who are so frustrated with online dating in this swipe right culture. The image above highlights the main points in the course and what you can expect to gain from this experience. If you get stuck, you will have access to my personal help along with any other course attendants in our private facebook group. Once you complete the course, share your tips and first hand knowledge with newbies who could use the support. 

Dating Sites Set You Up To Fail

In this free preview lesson, I will show you a brief illustration on why dating sites make your experience so much worse by creating systems that get you paying them for as long as possible. It is in a dating site's best interest to keep you happy, but not so happy that you want to delete the app...and their bottom line. So this video will show you why we need our own system to date smart online. 


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