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Coming Soon: Renew the Love Online Courses

When I decided to start the Renew The Love online course website, I was inspired to help people who were driven to have better relationships while on the go. The first version of this concept was a membership website that hosted video based content on coping tools. This failed for many reasons, including having no marketing plan at the time. I still felt a passion to help people who are self learners. It wasn’t until I grew more as a person and therapist that I was able to repackage this concept into something more modern and specific. 

There are so many ways to get help after love has started to falter, it hit me…no one is teaching people how to do it well before needing to rush to a therapy office. This is when I had the ah-ha moment: to teach skills that keep love alive, as early as possible. I had so many clients and friends in mind when I narrowed down this coping tools concepts into transformative experiences.  It had to help singles and those in the earlier phases of love and marriage to have the tools to create and keep an amazing relationship.  Ready to view the course menu? 

The first of my online courses that will launch will focus on the dating phase and will cover:

  • Know what to say about myself in my dating profile
  • Choose a dating site that’s a good fit, even if I want a hook-up
  • How to pick someone that’s truly compatible

Have some dating, marriage, or friendship based questions? Submit your questions here:

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