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Discover my simple guide for dating smart, not hard…So you can choose compatible dating sites, healthy partners, and even create a rockin’ profile! 

NEW: Online Dating Quick-Start Guide

Create your personalized cheat-sheet on how to get started dating online…even if you are not a tech or electronics guru

There’s so much competition🤼‍♂️ online. And if you are like me when I was dating online, you’d love for someone to show you exactly what NOT 🚧to do and how to do it well. But when when you start to jump online you realize that creating profiles, choosing dating sites, and picking a partner is really hard.
First, you consider jumping on Tinder since everyone talks about how easy it is. Then you look at the app to see what all the fuss is about and you can’t fathom how anyone picks a partner from a little picture🤳🏼. After that, you look for help from other sites and apps and realize they all look the same and you can’t stand all these features and functions. And what is a boost anyways?
Those are the just some of the questions I had when I dated online and heard repeated by many clients over the years.
So, I did what anyone would do … I turned to the Internet🤷🏼‍♀️.

The Limitations of Google

Unfortunately, the Internet didn’t help much…

While I was able to get an overview on online dating, I wasn’t able to find the do-this, do-that, step-by-step guide I wanted. Which was annoying because I wasn’t interested in spending hours on end trying to figure this stuff out.

I also didn’t want to sift through tons of useless information. Of course, that’s exactly what happened.

I’d spend hours clicking one link after another, trying to get to the “good” stuff. Before I knew it, I’d have dozens of browser tabs open and half my day would be gone. Worse still, I’d be more confused 🤷🏼‍♂️than I was before I started!

It seemed like the people who wrote articles about this kind of stuff couldn’t agree on anything.

… one person would claim you should put your picture on the app and swipe away.

… then the next one would say Instagram is how you meet people today, not an app.

And so on … It was super-frustrating.

After coming across conflicting advice more times than I could count, I started paying more attention to who was actually offering the advice.

What I discovered left me dumbfounded😫.

Most of the so-called dating “experts” have little-to-no real-world experience and no real professional training. Either they only give easily googled information OR – They know about their personal experiences and ideas without any real strategy or process OR WORSE – They’re writers blogging about relationships with zero experience in families or relationships… making them unqualified to give anyone dating or relationship help.

Which is why you can’t trust much of what you read online. My 20 years of social work experience will break that trend starting with one click.


Online Dating Quick-Start Guide

That’s Why I’m Excited To Tell You About My NEW Online Dating Guide

It’s designed for people like you … people who have had relationships end and find themselves starting all over but the dating scene has changed so much. The Online Dating Quick-Start Guide is your easy, step-by-step guide for choosing dating sites, crafting a shining profile, and finding compatible partners. And, because I give you step by step instructions on setting up your bumble account and profile, it even works if you hate technology. In fact, by the time you get to the end of it, you’ll have an entire cheat-sheet on what to put in your profile, what app to use, and what partners to avoid!!


In the Online Dating Quick-Start Guide, I show you the easiest ways to add pizzazz to your boring profile, avoid pitfalls of online dating like ghosting or bread-crumbing, spot a healthy partner and how to promote yourself online. But that’s not all. In the Online Dating Quick-Start Guide, you’ll also get my secret strategies for saving massive amounts of time and money along the way. Because if you’re like most people, you don’t have enough of either. That’s why my course is designed to help you succeed, even if you have very little:

  • Money 💲
  • Time 🕐 or
  • Experience 💞

Commit To Your Success Today!

Right now, you’re reading this because there’s something you want more of in your dating life. Either you want more quality matches… or you wish you had more time to devote to finding a partner that makes you want to come home at night … or you’d like to feel like there are still some good partners left to date.

You can have ALL those things with the Online Dating Quick-Start Guide.


What would change for you if right now, you committed to creating a better future for yourself, by following the exact steps I outline in the course?

Could you start finding compatible dates faster?

Yeah, actually—you could.

In fact, you’d be surprised if you knew how attainable that goal actually is. Dating sites don’t do their jobs, but with a process it’s easier and way more fun. That’s why finding compatible dates faster is not unreasonable—at all.

There’s seriously a ton of amazing dates for people who know what they’re doing—and you’ll be one of them once you take my course. Imagine being in control of your online dating experience rather than just trusting your swipes are helping. Because let’s be honest, big corporations like Match Group do not usually have our best interests in mind.

But the potential to date smarter, not harder is just a click away. 

View screenshots of real dating profiles that suck so you are never surprised

You can view exact screen shots of real dating profiles that suck 💥 so that you are never surprised what you may find online. … IF you use the secret time-saving tactic I teach in my course.

Plus, I even show you an easy method for understanding hidden motives behind toxic dating patterns.

It’s so amazing that I promise you it works even if:

  • You’re not a social person (you can be)
  • You don’t think you’re good at starting conversations (you will be)
  • Thinking about how people will react to your negatives has you feeling low (I’ll show you how)
  • You think online dating is weird or desperate (it won’t be)

But the Online Dating Quick-Start Guide doesn’t just teach how to spot unhealthy dating partners. With my course, you’ll also learn super easy methods for identifying your dream partner and talking about your own negative qualities. 

Write about yourself positively, even if you think you are not desirable

I will give you an easy way to identify your best traits that you will feel proud to put online. Even better, you’ll learn how to take your negative ideas about yourself and re-brand these so that you are not ashamed of negatives. Many years ago I dated online, using some of the problems you’ll learn about in the course. While I expected it to be a hard process, I was shocked by how hard it is to be authentic online. I even accidentally 😮misled someone online from not knowing what to do with my negatives about myself.

Think of it like this. If you tried to tackle a paint-by-number kit without knowing which color went with each number, it would be pretty hard. Next-to-impossible even. But if you had the key—showing you which color went where—imagine how easy it would seem. Heck, anybody could paint a nice picture with the key, regardless of their skill level. The same thing is true about online dating.

Try to do it on your own, and it’s confusing and overwhelming … like tackling a paint-by-number without the key. But have someone give you the key and what a difference. Suddenly, it all seems super-easy. That’s because it IS … when you have someone to show you the ropes.

You Don’t Need to Be Ready to Date Right Away

Now, at this point, some of you might be thinking:




First, the people falling in love online are NOT more attractive than you. They’re not smarter, they don’t come from a “better” family, and they aren’t just lucky. The only difference between you and them is that they have information and a system that you don’t. This course levels the playing field. It gives you straightforward, no-fluff information—based on my 20 years of experience in counseling—so you learn step-by-step what you need to do to be successful. The course was designed with someone like you in mind. Someone who’s never done this before and needs a blueprint that’ll break it all down for them.

You’ll ALSO Learn how to choose a compatible partner

I don’t just show you how to create a clear aim for online dating in the course. I also teach you how to make sure your matches are a good fit for you—so you can have the happy ending you desire.

That’s why I included an entire module on compatibility in the Online Dating Quick-Start Guide.

In that module, we cover how compatibility works and how to understand when you have a great partner based on your own unique traits. We will go over how different personalities partner well together and why some relationships seem to struggle more than others. 

And that’s the kind of stuff I’ll show you in the Online Dating Quick-Start Guide.

Honestly, this information is so powerful, it has the potential to transform your dating life.


Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not ready to start dating online yet?

What if I'm not happy about my fitness level or APPEARANCE?

what if I'm uncomfortable putting my picture or details online?

Can I purchase the course and wait to complete it? 

Do you offer coaching with the course?

Course Overview:

The pain of judgment is way worse than the pain of trying something new. How easy would it be for you to sleep at night knowing you can date online with a sense of ease? That why don't want to miss out on these goodies:


Module 1: Free Demo Lesson

In your FREE demo, I will introduce myself to give you an idea for how I communicate on camera and introduce you to some concepts in the course. You will find a full overview of the course material that is aimed to help beginners or those already dating and having problems having success online.


Module 2: Common Online Dating Problems

Have you ever wondered what the WORST profiles look like so you don't make the same mistakes? I will show you my highlight reel of What Not To Share in your online dating profiles. We will also go over why scams and confusing partners are so common.


Module 3: Your Dating Goal

When you start swiping in a dating app, you might find a trend towards confusing profiles. One person might say they want one thing, then later, tell you the exact opposite. Let's look at the variety of goals and expectations before you take that first swipe.


Module 4: Your Personality Profile

The problem of knowing how to answer the dreaded "about me" section in your dating app will ease away with this module. We will go over ways to easily fill in your profile with my clicky cheat sheet. 


Module 5: Compatibility with a partner

Do you know who will make a great partner for your specific style? Let's go over the great big compatibility myth and dispel your confusion of who's worth swiping right. Do you look for the hot bod, funny punch lines, or people who have a solid online presence? 


Module 6: Bring pizazz to a boring profile

Get my hack for filling in your profile so that it's not boring. I'll also show you the screenshots on setting up a bumble profile using my cheat-sheet. 


The extra ways I care about your dream:

Dating sites set you up to fail based on imperfect algorithms that are trusted a bit too much. My aim is to help you feel supported and connected, even if you don't want to pay to boost your profile. That's why I created some extras to help you love smart.

FREE Bonus Lesson:
7 Toxic Dating Patterns

When you sign up for the course, you will get instant access to my bonus lesson to bring you up to date with slang used online to describe the most toxic dating behaviors that you find in today's dating market. 

Do you know what it means to breadcrumb or slow fade? I'll show you this and more. My inspiration for this lesson was to ensure that you are never surprised by what you find online. 

toxic dating patterns add-on

About The Course Teacher,
Shawn Davis

When you learn about love and relationships, you'll find the best combination is someone who knows about the topic and can do it in a way that's approachable and fun. This instructor has a masters degree in Social Work, one of the degrees professional therapists obtain to start their careers. 

Shawn also has trained with the Gottman Institute at a level 3 and is a Gottman 7 Principles Leader. She has hosted a self help membership program to help teach Mindfulness based wellness tools in her community. Her past programs have focused on helping people online who have a self help personality, and this has not changed. She now teaches about healthy relationships through online interactive courses and tutorials.

my home office

A quick peak at my home space

Everyday you wake up, check your online dating matches, and then head to work knowing it's another dull, matchless day.

Maybe you try out another dating site or just give up all together. But let's face pick up those apps once again and keep trying the same old way until you just don't think dating is worth all this fuss.

Today, I want to share my uniquely crafted system that will teach you all the tools I learned with online dating and keeping my own love alive. I have created a quick start-guide for those confused about how to successfully meet compatible partners in today's dating market.

For instance, you’ll learn how to write about yourself online so that you attract matches that vibe well with your personality and even what sites fit your dating needs before you waste time on Tinder.

I’ll also teach you how to analyze partner traits that go best with my particular needs, feelings, and wants. Plus, you’ll learn a foolproof method for marketing yourself online so that you don't waste your time dating incompatible matches

That’s just a small fraction of what you’ll learn in my course. It covers so much more--it's an easy way to learn what you need to say about yourself, what to look for in a partner, and where to go to find people who match your personality.

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First Module is FREE, so you never wonder about value!

When I purchase online courses, I get so nervous about value. You see, money does not always flow for many modern singles and couples.  You will find that I have a casual style, love to joke around, and definitely care about you have a transformative experience...not just educational material. This is not a get sex fast, course. I'm more about teaching you about long term romance and connection so that we can build a strong community of wise people who are smart with loving decisions. 

Your personal love coach on-the-go:

My inspiration for this course came from the many brave individuals I am proud to have known since I started working in the social work field in 2000. As with many things that happen in life, we don't always know where life will take us. My aim is to help my friends and family NEVER struggle with getting support and feeling seen. I can't wait to show you around the Single And Healing Community as we build a healing space of brave people who want nothing more than to love smart.
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Shawn Davis, LCSW


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