2019 Worst Dating Profiles

Review with me the worst 2019 dating profiles and how users can improve easy to fix areas of a dating profile.


Romance Scams

Learn how to investigate catfishing scams so you can protect your heart from clever actors intent on stealing your dreams and hard earned cash.

3 Phases of Healing from Break-Up

Breaking up is hard to do and even worse when you don't have a great support system. In this brief lesson, you will get to hear my personal break up story and how I say today "Thank You" to the person who rejected me.


Creating your dating roadmap

Download your guide to creating your dating journey that's best for you. Navigate around pitfalls and traps by arming your heart with tools to cope and love well.


Messaging Multiplier

Learn what matters when you message a stranger in a dating app or over social media.

4 Lessons


You Have Not Started

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