Healing in 3 Phases:
  • Shed Self-Doubt

  • Rebuild self-esteem

  • Learn to trust again

Phase 1: Honor your grief

When you start your healing journey, you will avoid dating for now. This allows a healing space to work through tough emotions that are normal when a partner is suddenly gone from your life. You will allow yourself to feel your full range of emotions until the grief subsides enough to move forward to phase 2. You will receive a self help guide along with live help that guides you take care of your injuries and wounds and rechannel them into your personal growth. 

Getting Started with Phase 1:

Link to download inside the group or when you join the newsletter

You will get access to the free step-by-step guide to get you started fast. This 13 page guide will help you with exercises, journaling, and ways to mend your broken heart. When you join the community, we will work on this together. It's like having a self help book but with help from the author and everyone who reads it.. to help you with stuck places.

Phase 1 will include 3 coping tools:

Honor Grief

When you start your guide, you will get a quick overview of activities that can help you with your painful memories and reminders that haunt you. I will give you my simple grief expression chart to map out your pain needs.


Spot Pain Areas

Once you start to work through your pain you will spot areas that need some help. We gain many things in each relationship, even when it ends. It's the losses that can become crippling, so let's turn those losses into something good for you.


Release Lost Dreams

The final work you will complete in Phase 1 is learning how to turn your losses into fuel for your dreams ahead without feeling like you are forcing yourself to move on. Take your time and move on with a sense of ease.


Warning Signs you are not over your ex:
  • Google stalking your ex to see how they are without your connection
  • You go to places you might run into your ex
  • You fantasize about getting back together
  • You talk about your ex to your friends regularly
  • You compare other partners to your past relationship

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