Healing in 3 Phases:
  • Shed Self-Doubt

  • Rebuild self-esteem

  • Learn to trust again

Phase 1: Honor your grief

When you start your healing journey, you will avoid dating for now. This allows a healing space to work through tough emotions that are normal when a partner is suddenly gone from your life. You will allow yourself to feel your full range of emotions until the grief subsides enough to move forward to phase 2. You will receive a self help guide along with live help that guides you take care of your injuries and wounds and rechannel them into your personal growth. 

Moving on your healing journey to Phase 2:

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You will move on to the second phase of healing once you completed phase 1 in your guide. You are now ready to unlock your super healing by working on rebuilding pieces of yourself that were hurt. We often learn unhelpful ideas about ourselves, love, and moving on. 

Phase 2 will include 3 coping tools:

Rebranding Yourself

When you start phase 2 of your guide, you will follow prompts to practice how to think about your "negative" ideas in a way that is more healing for your heart. Many times our negatives are not exactly factual or kind. Let's ditch those old negative notions and get you feeling strong.


Unlearning Negatives

After we practice our rebranding method, you will work through balancing out the negative mind with self-esteem boosting work that will help you feel wanted. Even if you feel like the break-up was all your fault, you probably could ease the judgement a bit.


Your Past Tense

The final work you will complete in Phase 2 is learning how to look back at your past without reliving the pain. You will want to tell new partners about your past relationships, so learning how to share without being overwhelmed can help your dating life ahead.


Unhook yourself from a toxic past:
  • You feel awful, alone, or scared since the break-up
  • You feel addicted to seeing them, being with them, or just thinking about the past
  • You lost your sense of self and feel like you are not complete now
  • You feel alone and romanticize the past, minimize the flaws or pain
  • You feel so many ups and downs that you feel like you can't move on 

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