Healing in 3 Phases:
  • Shed Self-Doubt

  • Rebuild self-esteem

  • Learn to trust again

Phase 1: Honor your grief

When you start your healing journey, you will avoid dating for now. This allows a healing space to work through tough emotions that are normal when a partner is suddenly gone from your life. You will allow yourself to feel your full range of emotions until the grief subsides enough to move forward to phase 2. You will receive a self help guide along with live help that guides you take care of your injuries and wounds and rechannel them into your personal growth. 

Complete your healing journey In Phase 3:

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You will complete the third phase of healing by readying yourself for a new partner. Since we worked through your pain, your needs now that you are single, and now you are ready to think about dating. You will find a balance between focusing on others and keeping some reserves for your self-care so that dating does not become your whole world. 

Phase 2 will include 3 coping tools:

Self Care Tracking

Moving on to other partners is tough and can cause you to forget about your own needs. Since you just worked on a big healing journey, you don't want to get sucked into something unhealthy. Let's get you on the right track by going slow and finding the sweet spot between your needs and others.


Trustworthy Partners

After you find a good balance in your life, it's time to start thinking about specific traits and personalities that will be good for you after your last relationship loss. True compatibility is different for everyone, do you know what you fit best with in a partner? Let's discover this before you start scrolling through Tinder and get distracted with the next shiny thing.


Dating Strategies

The final work you will complete in the program is discovery of dating sites, how to market yourself, and even how to structure dates so that they don't bore you or become an endless stream of empty dinners. This program includes my online dating quick start guide to fast track your dating profile and boost your confidence again.


Signs your dating plan need fortifying:
  • You feel like you get poor quality partners online or real life
  • You think about dating alot but feel too scared to start or don't think it's worth the pain
  • When you date, you go by a  list of traits that you think will get you better partners
  • You feel like your dating problems are from being unwanted or too much for someone to love
  • You believe that all the good ones are taken or that you just haven't found a soul mate yet

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