A mental health counselor and mom provides solutions for singles to easily carve a pathway out of the confusion of dating in a swipe right world.

Access the tools of a real marriage and relationship counselor

  • Get access to worksheets, handouts, and videos that help you spot your most compatible matches.
  • Join webinars to meet others singles and learn in a group environment with your designated coach.
  • Dating and other program challenges offered to give you the motivation to take action steps towards your dreams.

Hi, I'm Shawn Davis, If you'd like to create the dating life that enhances your sense of enthusiasm to connect with others, I have good news for you.

Get my practical solutions to navigate around disasters of the dating world....fast.

My name is Shawn, and I've been showing singles the pitfalls and gifts of relationships for 20 years. As a relationship professional, I've come to understand the one thing that separates out the good relationships from the not so great: curiosity. You can have the best partner in the world, but if you can't work through the hard stuff, it ends before it's even had a chance.

That's why I created the Renew The Love Membership Program, a community of singles learning to use that exact system I have used to help singles for 20 years, making it easier to navigate around the disaster zones of modern romance. Renew The Love Membership is so simple that anyone can create a roadmap through their own love story. You'll be able to customize your love life through using some simple tools and resources that I have personally created with you in mind.

While you might expect to pay thousands of dollars for private dating or singles coaching that can fast track  your romance search, Renew the Love Membership costs just $299 (a one-time fee for all future versions of the Pro-level membership, even if monthly fees are required for future students). That's the price of a single hour with a good dating coach. 

By the way, I'm offering this deal for a simple reason:  Because Renew The Love Membership is new, I'm making it available at a discounted rate so I can get as many singles using it as possible... and start getting results🤩

Dating coaching is expensive But now you don't need them at all

"When I was single, it was hard to deal with my life after my mom suddenly died. I was alone as a college student and didn't know much about love. I trusted that I would find the right person, but the confusion never subsided. I was looking for the wrong things and putting too much pressure on a relationship."

The Simple Truth about love and romance...

I was single when I lived in Tennessee and I had this notion that I had to find "the right one" to be in a happy marriage. I never knew much about how people worked on relationships, only that they ended all the time. My own parents managed to stick it out until I graduated high school, but you know what?

They should not have.

My family was not a happy one.  We were a group of people who did not have much sense of security between us and my parents could certainly yell at a moments notice. It's not much different than many households today. 

The simple truth about love and romance is that we are all scared of being rejected, forgotten, or lonely and the uncomfortableness of love can come from fears like these. So when you decide to couple up with someone, fear might be the thing that causes so many people to want to drift apart.

Why relationships struggle - when a couple separates they can no longer see the best in each other and the bank account of positive space between them is overdrawn for many reasons that are unique to that specific partnership. Break-ups in dating are much the same way, but at times with dating... we don't give the person a chance to cause pain and look for red flags before they even get the chance to do anything wrong. Or worse, you might stay too long in something that should have had an ended a bit earlier. In the end, relationships are confusing and imperfect.

Dating without a plan can be trouble

When I was working in a domestic violence and sexual assault treatment center, I found out all too well how much dating based on gut feelings alone can cause a person to repeat patterns. I even found myself in a similar pattern until I discovered that there are times when the head and heart need to have a meeting and work through some differences. And that became the program you are reading about today. 

Benefits of a dating membership program vs coaching privately

  • Get tools the experts use The best dating coaches in the world sell their expertise to you for $300- for just one hour. Renew The Love Membership uses the same techniques they use so you can skip the time and energy spent on coaching to get down to the core of your struggles. A good dating coach could charge you $10,000 for just two hours a month if you went for a full year.
  • Practical solutions for everyday problems Renew The Love Membership is the real deal. It provides everything you need to spot healthy partners, improve your dating prowess, understand how arguments are won and lost, spot scams, know how your values intersect with others, avoid abuse and gaslighting, and even learn a trick or 2 with online dating...if that's your thing.
  • Take control over your learning My program is ridiculously easy to use, even if you don't like talking about feelings. Simply sign up for any of the included courses, watch a few videos, and download any resources you want to keep. You are in complete control over how much or how little you want to do in any course, webinar, or guide.
  • Lifetime Access The membership includes a lifetime access, meaning you'll never be asked to pay more for your membership level as a beta member. Pricing structure is reevaluated often, so you may not see the same options in the future.
  • Date anyone or group of people you like or don't date at all My membership program works for any dating goal or wish. You are welcome to explore your dating partner options, even if you want to explore polyamory or only dating yourself.
  • Immediate access to learn on your time Your membership offers an immediate access to courses and guides. Once you create your account and pay for your membership tier, you can create your dating roadmap or learn about romance scams instantly.
  • Work as little or as much as you want Because you are learning from me, a licensed counselor, you will get help with grief, self esteem, and dating transformations when you join. And since I also am personally impacted by chronic health issues...you have my support in exploring your medical health and safety needs without fear of judgement.
  • Expert solutions without psychobabble Remember those dating coaches I mentioned who charge $300 for just one hour? Renew the love membership doesn't just redo their methods. Instead, I have personally worked for the past few years fine tuning this program to include help from the relational masters of the world including: John Gottman, Brene Brown, Alexandra Solomon, Sue Johnson, Esther Perel, and many more. With Renew The Love Membership, you'll get access to a world of expert solutions without the jargon and science loaded language that tends to be hard to absorb.

Renew The Love: A singles coaching program

Like I said, I'm offering a beta discounted rate, because I really want to help singles connect with each other. I know that once they get the experience of better, more strategic results than what they found before, they'll tell others and our little corner of the internet and it will grow into a place where friendships are made for single, busy people.

Because I've posted this for thousands of people to see, I won't be offering Renew the Love Membership at the beta discounted rate for long. If you want to try Renew the Love Membership for $299 (a one-time fee for all future versions of the pro-level membership), I urge you to click below immediately to get started.

Shawn Davis

Creator of Renew The Love

About the Teacher

As a child who grew up in a military family, I experienced my fair share of confusing relationships, lies and mistruths, and even abuse. As therapists we don't talk much about our personal lives. So my hopes are that you will feel me brake from that tradition as I get a little personal and help you out with your own journey as we create a life that's a little less painful and isolated.  Stay strong my single friend.

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