The New Plan 

 May 7, 2020

By  Shawn Davis

Renew The Love: Rebranding our service to you

You may have signed up for emails for couples courses, the initial goal in building this site. But as life changes course, so will Renew The Love.  As I began working on some market research into couples work, since my first mission was to help singles with online dating, I found a burning desire to build the course out into a full signature program. 

With the market research I conducted, I saw a great need for support for singles who wanted to heal from break-up loss. Much of my career helped singles, including my time working in domestic violence treatment. So I wanted to share with you my change of mission and help you understand why thing’s look a bit different.  So if you signed up for this with hopes to attend online courses for couples, I invite you to use the unsubscribe feature if this no longer fits your needs. 

The main mission we are on with Renew The Love is to help singles PREVENT the loss of love. In doing that, the aim is to help singles first heal, then sort through compatibility with a new partner, and eventually learn how great relationships thrive with a new partner so that the new foundation is strong. 

Shawn Davis

I'm Shawn 🙋‍♀️, the leader and founder of Renew The Love. I'm on a mission to use my experience training singles to create a community just for mending your broken heart. I have a Social Work degree and have been licensed to practice therapy in Florida since 2003 where I have helped hundreds of people build healthier connections and lives. Let's see what we can accomplish together.

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