What to expect from Renew The Love Courses

What to expect from Renew The Love Courses

What will your first course look like?

Hi, I’m Shawn…the instructor here with Renew The Love! Did you know that most people think that online dating is hard? I’ve heard so many complaints including:

  • I get so frustrated with people not being clear with what they want.
  • Sometimes I feel like I’m just wasting time.
  • I love sex, but that’s not all I want. I feel so alone.

I’ve been working out of my home office this month creating the new Renew The Love online course hub. But as with most things in life, it starts small and grows over time. So my first step in bringing this community to you, is creating my very first course for the dating phase of love. This was inspired by many people I’ve met over the years who really struggled with online dating….ahem…I was one of them too. I met my husband on Match.com. Fast forward, now I am happily married and love to teach other people how to create this in their own lives. There are many courses available for couples, but I could not find much for helping singles.

When I was trying to understand what was going on in today’s dating culture, I found many stories of failed attempts to connect. When I was dating online, we didn’t have apps or swipes to worry about. Now, you have to try to grab attention in just a single picture. That’s really hard! I’m going to show you the ropes of how to:

  • Identify your positive features
  • Figure out how to know when someone is compatible
  • What sites to use and which ones have low likelihood of succeeding
  • How to craft a profile that shines

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